The Colors Of My Soul

Believe in yourself

Believe that everything is possible and that nothing is impossible. Believe that life is a thread where all the small things everyday that make you happy are hung over. Believe in yourself, even if it’s not always easy. Never pretend. Dare. Love what you love. Believe in what you believe. Do not  forget who you are. Do not let someone decide for you. Do not change for love. Do not be influenced. Do not always be like everyone else. Be accepted as you are. Do not impersonate someone else, too bad if some people do not like you. There will always be people who will love you. Stop focusing on your shortcomings. Always smile at any moment, someone may fall in love with your smile. Have hollow, but always go back. And cry. Always be there for those you love, always support them when they need you. The days you would need them, that’s when they will be there. Count your friends on your fingers. And take good care of them. Trust others. Benefit of those around you, enjoy them at every moment, while they are still in this world. Enjoy the simple things with them. And have fun. Do not miss out on something essential. Learn to be satisfied. Live day by day, but think about your future. Never give up, recover on each failed. Forget cigarettes,  drugs, alcohol […]. Do not self-destruct. Believe that life is beautiful, even if it is not the case for everyone. Act instead of complain. Do not be a spectator but an actor in your life. Being the master of your ambitions. Keep your feet on Earth, but believe in your dreams, and try to make some. Be optimistic. Look ahead, do not look back. Treat his injuries. Provide the means to succeed. Provide the means to enjoy happiness. Just live your life right, and smile.


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